6 Ways to Improve Your Discussion Thread Posts in an Online Course


It is important when taking courses online you do not lose that sense of interaction with fellow students. Although the professor plays an integral role both as facilitator and teacher, students bring in diverse perspectives, different ways of engaging the material, and most importantly, community. Online courses can induce the fear that one will miss out on the student network or engagement, but a discussion board provides an excellent tool to avoid just that.

Not sure exactly how to master the discussion board thread? Never fear. Mike Hege, REALTOR®, Broker-In-Charge at Pridemore Properties, and also a proud graduate of the Master’s in Real Estate Program at REALTOR® University, shared with us his top six discussion board tips below:

  1. Be intentional: “Study” comes from the Latin word occupatur, which means to devote oneself to. Any course of study requires intentional thought and attention. When posting discussion posts, first read the question slowly, and then again with the intention of responding.
  1. Be aware of the importance of the discussion board on your grades: Remind yourself  often a fair percentage of the final grade is centered around the discussion threads.
  1. It’s true, slow and steady wins the race: Being the first to post is not as important as interjecting a hearty response.
  1. Give credit where credit is due: Always cite the source and utilize the outline of the source as a springboard for your authentic interpretation.
  1. Be real and responsive: Be sure to share your life experiences, where applicable, and respond often to your classmates.
  1. Lastly, a word to the wise: Block off time with zero distractions when you are writing your posts, papers and studying for quizzes or final projects.

Want to read more on acing the online discussion board? US News has 5 more tips to share with online course takers.

Mike Hege is a Queen City native. Mike loves sharing with clients his enthusiasm and knowledge of the many neighborhoods and towns that encompass the greater Charlotte region. Even during the recent economic downturn, Mike continued his success in real estate by focusing on the basics – consultation, negotiation and careful management of the many details in the transaction. His mission statement is simple: provide attention to client needs, build trust and exceed expectations. He achieves his goal of developing long-term relationships with clients by his unparalleled level of quality customer service delivered with a Can-Do attitude.


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