Your Future in Focus – Earning a Master’s Degree in Real Estate


Realtor University® is now the NAR Academy at Columbia College, Columbia Missouri. More information about the curriculum and enrollment opportunity can be found at The press release is accessible on the important announcement tab.


Sometimes, there are moments of clarity where everything finally makes sense. Where all of the moving pieces come together to form the complete idea you’ve been plotting, and you finally know how to make it happen.

REALTOR® University exists to make those moments possible. To help you not only realize what you can do, but provide you with the knowledge and resources to do it. That is what makes REALTOR® University and our Master’s degree program in real estate so unique, and what makes the experience we offer our students so special.

We understand the real estate business in a way that no other organization in the world can, and cater everything to meet the needs of real estate professionals like you who are interested in a Master’s degree in real estate. Our mix of practical and applied learning, and business and real estate knowledge will help you go beyond your goals, and put your future in focus.

R U Ready to discover what’s next?

  • Master of Real Estate – Understand what makes our Master of Real Estate (MRE) program so distinct and the steps to take to empower your future.
  • Degree Requirements – Learn about the time commitment, expectations and requirements for earning your Master’s degree in real estate from REALTOR® University.
  • Business Prerequisite Courses – Find out about the purpose of our Business Prerequisite courses and the key learning objectives of our business-based courses.
  • Real Estate Core – See how our Real Estate Core offers professionals a matchless opportunity to take their real estate knowledge to the next level.
  • Concentrations – Review our available concentrations to identify which specialization best meets your learning and career goals.
  • Course Descriptions – View our course catalog to see all the course descriptions
  • Admissions Process – Understand how our process works, and the key admissions requirements we expect all students to possess before beginning coursework on their Master’s degree in real estate.
  • Tuition and Fees – Obtain information on the tuition and fees associated with our program.
  • Scholarships – Learn about our future plans for a scholarship program, and how to apply.