• REVS530 – Real Estate Appraisal & Valuation Services
    Techniques and methods of valuing real property with an emphasis on income producing properties. Concepts and analytic techniques used to estimate market value of real estate will be used. Estimating the value of property using a systematic analysis to derive value using several different techniques will be considered. Technology-based tools and software are introduced.  Prerequisite: RE530
  • REVS540 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Real Estate Appraisal
    Legal and ethical issues in real estate appraisal & valuation are discussed. Students will examine relevant case studies to evaluate litigation patterns and develop litigation avoidance strategies to reduce risk.  Prerequisite: REVS530
  • REVS550 – Statistical Methods in Real Estate Appraisal
    The benefits and pitfalls of statistical modeling in real estate appraisal are examined. Techniques that will be covered include real estate data sources, descriptive statistics, curve fitting, exponential smoothing methods, sample confidence estimating, Z-tests, range analysis, robust regression, and bootstrap techniques. Students employ appropriate appraisal and valuation techniques and software to evaluate the appropriateness of each.  Prerequisite: REVS530
  • REVS560 – Advanced Topics in Real Estate Appraisal
    This course integrates basic appraisal principles with advanced problem solving. Core concepts are reviewed and applications to advanced case studies are presented. Prerequisite: REVS530