This concentration is designed for those students pursuing careers in the field of diversified real estate management with an emphasis on the residential and retail sectors.

        • REAP540 – Real Estate as an Asset
          This course introduces the student to the concept of real estate as an asset that requires active management. The course will cover financial analysis, property valuation and asset management concepts and practices for office buildings, retail properties and multifamily properties. Using case study properties, the student will apply the knowledge and skills needed to determine the performance of real estate assets.  Prerequisite: RE540 & RE590
        • REAP550 – Property Marketing Strategies
          This course examines the strategies necessary to effectively market and lease different types of properties. Students will learn the characteristics of office buildings, retail properties, and multi-family properties, how to assess market conditions, conduct market analyses, and develop marketing plans including advertising and social media marketing. The role of leases will be examined including lease techniques and lease negotiation, lease provisions, concessions, renewals, lease administration, and resident and commercial tenant retention programs.
        • REAP560 – Property Management and Maintenance
          This course integrates theory and practice to allow students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a property maintenance and management program.  Topics covered include maintenance and risk management, inspection and risk analysis, major building mechanicals and systems, sustainability, and emergency and disaster planning.  Students analyze case studies to identify maintenance issues and management strategies.  Prerequisite: RE520; RE530, RE540, RE550
        • REAP570 – Growth Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies
          This course provides students with the strategies necessary to develop a property management plan. Students will have the opportunity to apply the financial analysis, property valuation, and market analysis techniques learned in other courses in the Property Management concentration. Students will learn the different components of a management plan, how to analyze comparable properties, and how to recommend alternative courses of action. Using a case study property and supporting materials, students will develop a management plan to maximize a property’s potential and support ownership objectives.