This concentration is designed for those students who wish to pursue careers in real estate brokerage management or as a sales associate.

  • REMM560 – Real Estate Brokerage Management
    This course analyzes the principles of real estate brokerage management. Topics include: business planning, budgeting, recruiting, company policies, conflict resolution, marketing strategies, training, referral systems, team leadership, customer service, demographics, operations and other brokerage principals for managing a real estate office.  Prerequisite: RE520, RE530, RE540, RE550
  • REMM570 – Real Estate Transaction Management
    This course analyzes the principles of real estate transaction management.  Topics include: document organization, due diligence preparation and completion, managing client expectations, managing third party service providers, establishing time lines, conflict resolution, navigating unforeseen title issues, identifying and negotiating deal breakers, closing preparation, post-closing activities and best practices.  Emphasis is placed on establishing a system of organized management throughout the life of a transaction.  Prerequisite: REMM560
  • REMM580 – Brokerage Reporting and Performance Measurement
    Regulatory requirements and best practices; current technologies, application and optimization; developing personal and team performance goals; performance audits, trends and analyses reviews; recruiting and team building; leadership policies and practices; and conflict resolution.  Prerequisite: REMM560
  • REMM590 – Real Estate Marketing
    This course covers the scope of marketing techniques that have demonstrated success in the real estate business. It includes direct and indirect marketing techniques; print, phone, internet and other mediums; social and technological innovations and applications; networking and business development best practices; personal, product and service branding; agreements, exclusivities, representations and other listing contracts; types of representation, duties and responsibilities; targeted selling and marketing.  Prerequisite: REMM560