Grow Your Real Estate Expertise

Real Estate Core Courses

You know the ins and outs of your business; you built it from the ground up. We recognize that, and developed our MRE program Real Estate Core courses to take your real estate knowledge and understanding to the next level. Our real estate core covers all of the crucial aspects of real estate, and shows you how to leverage this insight to better your business and advance your career.

Our Real Estate Core consists of the following 7 three-credit-hour courses:


This course analyzes the principles of real estate law that determine real estate use, restrictions, and transfer.  Existing laws, past legal decisions, and current lawsuits are considered while developing a standard for issue identification and resolution.  Emphasis is placed on recognizing appropriate business conduct under a variety of circumstances.
Prerequisite: BC520


This course integrates theory and practice to allow students to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to properly engage in the practice of real estate valuation. Concepts covered in the course include a review of the fundamentals of real estate, real estate appraisal, market determinants of value, and valuation techniques using the sales comparison, income, and cost approaches to value. Techniques and methods of appraising real property with emphasis on income properties are addressed. At the end of the course, students will master how to complete the real estate valuation process. Prerequisite: BC550


This course consists of analyses of real estate capital markets, both debt and equity; institutional sources of capital, both public and private; legal aspects of real estate finance; underwriting; and real estate capital structure.  Real estate investment includes analyses of risk and return, tax strategies and disposition. Fundamentals of real estate finance includes sources of funds, alternative financing instruments and mortgage securitization, analysis emphasizing cash flow projections, yield, risk for residential and commercial real estate, evaluating the role of financing and leverage in real estate investment analysis, valuation of financial structure, sources of equity financing and the operation of secondary mortgage markets.
Prerequisite: BC550


This course examines principles of real estate market research; competitive market analysis; pricing and timing decisions; marketing strategies; brokerage; sales and promotional strategies; customer service; and ethics in marketing. Coordination of tactical and strategic marketing plans with the goals and objectives of the firm. It also covers sales strategies, networking, and referral systems. Students will work with qualitative and quantitative research and case studies to learn how skills and concepts are applied to develop a marketing mix that can meet the wants and needs of consumers and society in the twenty-first century.
Prerequisite: BC530


This course defines and explores the technologies in use and emerging that real estate professionals need to be proficient to excel in the current climate. In addition to resources that agents and brokers may use, the course will delve into tools consumers will be using and change the way agents conduct business. Topics include: strategy, information technology, cloud computing, geospatial tools, productivity tools, and the consumer use of sites.  Prerequisite: RE520, RE530, RE540


This course analyzes the trends in sustainable real estate growth including new urbanism, LEED design and certification and how these shifts in community planning, building and design affect consumer expectations and financial metrics and risk. Opportunities to analyze key concepts in the real estate sustainability movement are provided with emphasis on LEED design and certification. Prerequisite: None


Students in this course, intended to be the last course in the program, integrate knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. Students demonstrate this knowledge through the completion of a research project that explores an original topic and makes an appropriate contribution to the field.  Prerequisite: Successful completion of real estate core courses prior to registration plus at least two concentration courses.