Grades and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grading Philosophy

REALTOR® University is committed to high academic standards that reflect real-world demands for excellence. Academic performance is evaluated using the full range of grades “A” through “F.” Grade distributions are not based on a predetermined curve.

Students receive the grades they earn without regard to tuition-reimbursement grade requirements, other grade point average requirements or other such factors. Students’ work is evaluated against a standard of performance required and expected of successful professionals taking graduate-level programs.

Pluses and minuses are used at faculty discretion; however, grades “A+,” “C-,” “F+,” and “F-” are not used.

Grade Point Average

GPAs are calculated using only grades from courses completed at REALTOR® University. Grades from transferred, waived and/or exempted courses are not included in GPA calculations. Students’ GPAs are calculated based on performance in the program’s required courses.

Cumulative Grade Point Average

Cumulative grade point averages (CGPAs) are calculated for all students and are based on a 4.0 scale. The value of each letter grade is indicated below.

Academic designators, outlined in the chart below, are used when letter grades do not apply.

Students are notified of the grade earned in a course one to two weeks following the end of each session in which courses were completed.

  • GPA
  • A
  • A-
  • B+
  • B
  • B-
  • C+
  • C
  • D
  • F
  • Values
  • 4.00
  • 3.70
  • 3.30
  • 3.00
  • 2.70
  • 2.30
  • 2.00
  • 1.00
  • 0.00
  • Academic
  • AUD
  • EX
  • I
  • S
  • TRN
  • U
  • W
  • WV
  • Designators
  • Audit
  • Course Exemption
  • Incomplete
  • Satisfactory
  • Transfer Credit
  • Unsatisfactory
  • Withdrawal
  • Waived Course Requirement

Grade Reviews

Students who want to review their grade for a specific assignment must contact their faculty during the session immediately following the session in which they took the course. If issues remain unresolved after meeting with the faculty, students may request further review by writing to Student Services. Grade review requests must be made during the session immediately following the session in which students were enrolled in the course.

Incomplete Grades

Incompletes are granted only in exceptional situations, such as when illness or work-related travel is documented and when substantial course requirements have already been completed. Students must secure approval from the faculty prior to the regularly scheduled final exam. If remaining coursework has not been completed by the end of week four of the next session, incompletes automatically become grades of “F” unless written approval granting an extension has been obtained from the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Students should have a written agreement with the course faculty regarding completion of the work, including the nature of the work to be completed, the means by which the final grade will be determined, and the date by which the work must be completed.

Faculty will award a grade of “I” (Incomplete) only if the student has completed the majority of the work required in the course at an acceptable level, and only if there are valid reasons beyond the student’s control.

Staff advisors have the option of not permitting a student to register for an “overload” if the student is carrying one or more active incomplete courses, or for a “full load” if the student is carrying two or more active incompletes.

Proctered Examinations

Students should note that all course final examinations will be proctored at prearranged sites and will work with student services staff to identify appropriate sites and proctors. Students are responsible for finding a proctoring location as well as arranging the date and time. Students will be required to present a government-issued photo I.D. to the proctor.

According to University Academic testing policies, REALTOR® University approves proctors who hold at least a bachelor’s degree and one of the following occupational titles:

  • REALTOR® Association Executive
  • School or public librarian
  • Full-time teacher or professor
  • Officers of the Court
  • Clergy
  • School superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or other administrator
  • Embassy education officer, military base/station education officer
  • Fire chief or captain
  • Local college/professional testing center staff or administrator

Relatives, spouses, friends, and co-workers are not acceptable proctors.  Appropriate proctored examination environments include:

  • Testing centers
  • Proctoring centers
  • Public libraries
  • Schools

If students have any questions about proctor examination requirements, please call Student Services at Tel: 855.786.6546 or by email at