Graduate Certificate Program in Real Estate Association Management

For students who wish to specialize in Real Estate Association Management without completing the entire MRE degree program, a certificate option is available. Those who have been admitted must inform the school of their intent to pursue the certificate and are eligible to receive this certificate upon successfully completing:

  • REAM560 – Real Estate Association Management I – Leadership and Governance
  • REAM565 – Real Estate Association Management II – Association Financial Management
  • REAM570 – Program Development and Accountability in Real Estate Associations
  • REAM580 – Issues and Trends in Real Estate
  • RE520 – Real Estate Law
  • RE540 – Real Estate Finance and Investments

Achieving a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 in the courses indicated above is required.

MRE students interested in earning the Graduate Certificate may do so by completing the above requirements as part of their MRE coursework.

Upon successful completion of this degree program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the real estate factors that impact the national and global economy.
  • Apply course-related concepts, principles, and theories to professional real estate practice.
  • Apply analytical financial and economic tools to a dynamic national and global marketplace.
  • Self-assess the application of analytical decision-making skills in applied field work through research projects.
  • Interpret the financial implications of real estate business decision-making.
  • Formulate a multi-functional perspective that allows for management of cross-disciplinary endeavors and integration of functions across the real estate business enterprise.
  • Apply analytical skills in accounting and finance in order to conduct sound analyses.
  • Conduct quantitative analyses of real estate situations in order to use technology to support effective business decisions.
  • Analyze the legal, political, and ethical influences on real estate business opportunities.
  • Formulate market-driven strategies and effectively meet real estate customer needs.
  • Interpret and extrapolate national and global trends to inform management and operation of the real estate economic system.
  • Demonstrate competence in using major technical tools and systems by industry professionals such as the Multiple Listing Services, industry databases, and online networking tools.

For questions regarding the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Association Management, please call 855-786-6546 option 1 or email

Note:  Admissions requirements and process for the Graduate Certificate is the same as the Master of Real Estate degree.

Students without undergraduate or post graduate preparation in business may have additional required coursework in the Business Prerequisite. Students can expect to complete a minimum of 6 courses and a maximum of up to 11 courses when pursuing the Graduate Certificate.