Rachael Hand, MRE

“Since earning my MRE, I have become a Director at the California Association of REALTORS®.  I have had more of an impact in the Board room with the knowledge and skills I obtained at REALTOR® University.  My real estate business has been boosted through the many things I learned, such as more effective communication, strategic planning, and learning to measure performance of tools versus the funds put toward them.”

Rachael Hand, MREResidential Real Estate Sales Marketing and Management
Adrienne "Abe" Wagner, MRE

“Admittedly, education is my passion and I was ecstatic to be accepted into the Sales, Marketing and Management track. However, it took some time to juggle the reading, discussions, assignments, projects, and tests while still maintaining my normal real estate work load! Interacting with students from different states, companies, and backgrounds solidified a long time belief; “Where you stand determines what you see.” Sharing our differences on issues and points gave us all time to grow personally and professionally. The opportunity to provide feedback regarding the courses was my favorite part of the program. The University has a sincere interest in continually improving upon the programs being offered. This will set our master’s degree program on a phenomenal journey of growth and respect. Being a seasoned veteran in our industry, I can tell you that I learned many new concepts and ideas to help improve my existing business plan. As many of the course projects revolved around the intricacies of our local, state, and National REALTOR® Associations, I am a more educated member! Career wise, who knows what lies ahead!”

Adrienne "Abe" Wagner, MREResidential Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Management
Melia Campbell, MRE

“Getting my MRE was the best thing I have done for my career. It has given me more confidence as a broker/owner and more respect from clients and colleagues. While taking the courses, I learned a variety of ways to improve my brokerage, not just in the management aspect, but in offering technology tools to my agents.  My capstone project was truly the highlight, as I did extensive research on disruptive technologies in real estate.  I have been able to improve my risk management practices after taking the Transaction Management course, and the Brokerage Reporting course has helped me to quantify my efforts and see tangible results.  I learned something valuable from every course that I took and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Melia Campbell, MREResidential Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Management
Mike Hege, MRE

“Overall, the MRE program was life altering in several ways. I have expanded my knowledge from the local level to the national. As an example of a direct business impact, one client said, ‘There is a serious commitment for someone to achieve a Master’s degree in their professional craft.’ I have made friends beyond the classroom and a solid network of agents to refer future business. This fall we are opening a new office that services commercial and residential. REALTOR® University’s MRE program will open up new doors and possibilities from a leadership point of view. The talent I want to attract will have the same level of commitment I devoted to the completion of the program. Thanks again and let me know how I can help spread the word of this amazing program!”

Mike Hege, MRECommercial Real Estate Investment and Analysis
Mary Ellen Volpa, MRE

“I would consider one of my favorite things about the program [to be] the teachers.  They were all fantastic and each knew their subject, teaching in a manner in which I was able to learn new ideas.  I had the good fortune to have Professor Dale Carlton for several courses… I also enjoyed Dr. Margot Weinstein and Professor Ginnie Gardiner, and all of them!”

Mary Ellen Volpa, MRECommercial Real Estate Investment and Analysis
Edward Lang, MRE

“The instructors are knowledgeable, challenging and thought provoking. I can’t say enough about the quality of the instructors, their availability and their personal devotion to each student.”

Edward Lang, MREReal Estate Valuation
Kate Stockert, MRE

“The courses are founded in theory, but then I’m able to take those theories and walk away with tangible tools that I can use in my day to day work.”

Kate Stockert, MREAssociation Management
Melvin Leon Guerrero, MRE

“I am completely amazed by the staff, the professors and all the educational tools in this program.”

Melvin Leon Guerrero, MREResidential Real Estate Sales, Marketing & Management

Other Students Say:

“People demand more from agents today. Customers expect you to be more professional and educated and with a master’s degree you’re on the cutting edge. That’s what education can do for you. Even if you get one item out of it, you’re ahead of the competition.”

“The graduated course project that builds into a large final project in the Real Estate Association Management concentration course that can actually be used in the workplace is brilliant! Dawn definitely has this down to a science. Her live GoTo meetings during the course keep everyone on track while providing an opportunity for immediate Q&A.”

“Immediately following my first course and every class thereafter, I’ve received immediate benefits from the material including the ability to apply what I’ve learned to everyday business practice. The curriculum provides depth and insight into all areas of real estate. The faculty is knowledgeable, insightful, challenging and thought provoking and always available. As I complete each course I gain confidence in my ability and knowledge of real estate.”

“I cannot give enough praise to the program, professors and rewards of the degree. Learning how to apply this knowledge to everyday work is absolutely breathtaking. No matter how long you’ve been in the business there is something everyone will take away.”

“The classes are very challenging. I often thought about discontinuing due to the time commitment and extensive coursework. I’m proud to say I’m half-way through the program. REALTOR® University provided an opportunity for me to enhance my education at the graduate level. I’ve made so many friends throughout the U.S. which opens doors for networking opportunities. I strongly encourage fellow REALTORS® to invest in their education and enroll in REALTOR® University.”

“REALTOR® University is unique because it is one of a few that offers a master’s degree in real estate. The tuition is very competitive compared to other schools. We are program specific based on real world business as real estate professionals. My courses allow me to apply what I’ve learned to my day-to-day jobs. Faculty are active in the field and bring real world experience to teaching. I’m proud to be a REALTOR® University student. It is well worth the investment of finances and time.”