Paying for School

Earning your Master’s degree requires a substantial commitment: to yourself, your career, and your future. REALTOR® University is committed to helping you find more ways to save on your tuition. Scholarships, loans, and employer reimbursement are some ways to help lower the cost of your tuition. You can view detailed information on how to save by selecting a category from below.

REALTOR® University Scholarship

REALTOR® University offers individual scholarships based on merit and academic excellence up to $5,000.00. Scholarship awarded for each class is $800.00 for a maximum of total award of $5,000.00.

Click here for Scholarship Criteria, Scholarship Application, and Scholarship deadlines by session.

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Scholarship Options

You may also qualify for scholarships from outside organizations to help fund your education from sites such as:

Employer Reimbursement

The Master of Real Estate program may be eligible for tuition assistance from your employer.

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to their employees – even if they do not have a formal program. Check with your human resource department or manager to see if you are eligible.

Private Loans

Privately funded loans can help fill the gap in educational costs.

Private loans are bank loans for educational expenses and are not insured by the government. Private loans are made by a bank or lender. Terms of repayment vary depending upon the lending institution. Lenders may perform a credit check to determine credit worthiness (income, employment, residency, etc.) before approving these loans. Some students may need a co-signer.