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At REALTOR® University our Master of Real Estate program is applications based, taught by a practitioner faculty.  What does that mean?

An applications orientation means we want to teach students the knowledge and skills that are most relevant to their career as real estate practitioners.  As a graduate school, we need to teach these following certain academic conventions regarding theory and rigor.  At the graduate level, students are expected to have a solid grasp of the knowledge base of the field, a mastery of the techniques of research, and the ability to present ideas in a scholarly format.  It is generally expected that graduate students need to be taught by faculty who are highly skilled in research and hold appropriate degrees, typically the Ph.D.

So how do we go about developing and delivering a graduate program that can meet both the needs of the practitioner and the generally accepted requirements of graduate-level rigor?

In any university, what is taught and how it is taught is heavily dependent on the faculty who are developing and delivering courses.   So our solution was relatively simple – find some faculty who are both academically and professionally qualified, and oh by the way are excellent teachers.  In other words, people who hold a Ph.D., have been at hundreds of closings, and have excellent teaching skills.  A tall order.  Luckily, as an online program, we are not restricted as to where faculty are located.  So we can cast a broad net, and I am pleased to report that we have found just such people to serve as our inaugural graduate faculty at RU.

Under the direction of these faculty, we have been delivering applications-based courses to professional students for over a year. In some of the posts that follow, we will highlight some of these faculty and the courses they teach.  But for now I would ask readers the following questions:  What are some of the practical skills that you would most like to see taught in a graduate real estate program?  What the concepts and skills that most contribute to your success in real estate?

To learn more about REALTOR® University, or to enroll, contact our Admissions Office at 855-786-6546 ext. 1, or e-mail Admissions@RealtorUonline.net.


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