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RU Scholarship Application in 5 Simple Steps

Did you know REALTOR® University offers merit-based scholarships for…
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Grad School: Not about having time, but making time

Earning your Master’s Degree is not about finding the “right…
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Moving the Cognitive Needle to Better Understand the Real Estate Industry: Studying at REALTOR® University

This article was written by Jill Parker Landsman, proud REALTOR® University…
Tanya Monroe
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Class of 2016 Graduate Spotlight: Tanya Monroe

Graduate Spotlight: Tanya Monroe REALTOR® University…
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Class of 2016 Graduate Spotlight: Melvin Leon Guerrero

Graduate Spotlight: Melvin Leon Guerrero, MRE REALTOR®…
Jeanne Turnock
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Class of 2016 Graduate Spotlight: Jeanne Turnock

Graduate Spotlight: Jeanne Turnock, MRE REALTOR® University…