Class of 2017 Graduate Spotlight: Adrean Larcheveaux


Adrean L

Graduate Spotlight: Adrean Larcheveaux, MRE

REALTOR® University Class of 2017

Concentration: Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation Services

How do you think the Master’s program impacts the real estate industry as a whole?

For those who strive for more, this Master’s program puts them above the crowd. The Graduates of this program give the real estate industry, and especially the clients, customers and general public improved competency, care, skills, and professionalism.

Why did you pick your concentration?

My concentration was Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation Services. I choose it because of my appraisal certification in residential real estate.

Tell me how you feel the Master’s program will impact your future in a positive way.

My future has been impacted positively already. I have received a promotion in my appraisal office and I am pursuing higher goals with degree in hand.

Tell me a bit about yourself in general.

My company name is Appraisals by Adrean. I am a Certified Residential Appraiser with 17 years of appraising experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering, and 23 years’ experience as a Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agent in the state of Georgia. Currently I am an Appraiser III with the County Tax Assessors’ office and a new Grandmother of a 3-month old Grandson named Cameron!

What or who encouraged you to enroll in the program?

I enrolled with REALTOR® University, because I was wanting to continue my education and obtain a master’s degree. When searching for a school, I came across this program, which was perfect for real estate agents, brokers and appraisers.

What did you find the most challenging about the program?

Time! I had to make time for homework, reading, and completing projects. Not being as young as I used to be, I also had to re-learn how to research and write papers. I wish I would have had these resources back when I was obtaining my bachelor’s degree. The resources offered by REALTOR U and NAR are wonderful. They will even proof read your papers!

Earning a Master’s degree and working full time is demanding. What helped you survive those moments?

As noted above, time was the most challenging part. I knew that my goal was finishing this program, so I sacrificed a few events and lots of sleep. Looking at the big picture helped me survive those moments.

 What would you tell prospective students about the program?

I would tell any prospective student that if you are pursuing higher education in real estate, this is the place for you. It will take some time, money and devotion, but you can master it if you put in the effort.

Congratulations Adrean Larcheveaux!

A graduation ceremony will take place on May 19 at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C.