Class of 2017 Graduate Spotlight: Lisa Paffrath



Graduate Spotlight: Lisa Paffrath, MRE

REALTOR® University Class of 2017

Concentration: Residential Real Estate Sales, Marketing & Management

How do you think the Master’s program impacts the real estate industry as a whole?

When you consider that REALTORS® are involved in the most expensive purchase consumers will make in their lifetime, I believe it is critical to have as much knowledge as possible. The knowledge I gained will not only help me be a better REALTOR® but has given me the opportunity to share what I learned with my local association as well as the agents in my brokerage. The program also taught me to have a better understanding of the workings of NAR and our state and local associations.

Why did you pick your concentration?

I at first would have liked to do the Commercial concentration but was afraid it would be a little over my head (since I do not do commercial real estate at all). I chose the Marketing and Management concentration because it was the best fit for what I have been doing in real estate the last 13 years.

Tell me how you feel the Master’s program will impact your future in a positive way.

I never expected the response I would get from my peers, both personally and professionally, locally as well as throughout the state with regards to obtaining my Master’s degree.  This has had an amazing impact on me personally as well as professionally. I would love to get involved in teaching at some point.

Tell me a bit about yourself in general.

I love a challenge and pushing my limits to become a better leader, broker, REALTOR® and individual! Married 35 years to my high school sweetheart. Three amazing children and one adorable grandson. Love hiking, camping, sightseeing Arizona and the southwest, quilting, leadership and being with my amazing family.

What or who encouraged you to enroll in the program?

Myself. I believe that you can never stop learning or be too old to obtain a lifelong dream. I would like to continue my education to obtain my law degree and become a Real Estate Attorney. I have always enjoyed learning. And this program has definitely been a positive experience.
What did you find the most challenging about the program?

Trying to stay on top of my studies. I basically gave up every weekend for the last two years. Otherwise, if I waited until later in the week, it was Friday before you knew it and I’d find myself desperately behind. I have my own brokerage, plus still do real estate full time. The amount of time I had to put in was the most challenge.

Earning a Master’s degree and working full time is demanding. What helped you survive those moments?

I did have one big melt down in January of 2016. My commitment to my local REALTOR® Association as President Elect, plus my brokerage, my work, school and family left very little time for me. If it wasn’t for a fellow student, Leanne Goff, I would have probably quit at that point. I was in the midst of my second finance class that I hated and having a hard time comprehending anything. I called Leanne and asked her how did she do it? Leanne’s story was comparable to mine. We chatted, emailed, texted and she gave me the encouragement to stick with it. Family and colleagues didn’t understand the time commitment and would always encourage me that I could do it. But Leanne understood what it was like and the camaraderie was invaluable in getting me through that class!

What would you tell prospective students about the program?

If real estate is in your blood and you can’t imagine doing anything else in life, why not invest in yourself and your industry and be the best. Give yourself the opportunity to take real estate to the next level and see that there is so much more to learn in this industry. Local classes and typical real estate continuing education are good, but REALTOR® University’s classes are on steroids!

Congratulations Lisa Paffrath!

A graduation ceremony took place on May 19 at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C. to honor the 2017 REALTOR® University graduates.