Class of 2015: Mary Ellen Volpa


Graduate Spotlight: Mary Ellen Volpa, MRE
REALTOR® University Class of 2015


Concentration: Residential Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Management

What or who encouraged you to enroll in the program?

I wanted to continue my education and obtain a Masters Degree and decided that the Masters should be in real estate rather than a general MBA since this is what I do.  I investigated several schools that offered an MRE and decided where better to receive the MRE than REALTOR® University. Who else would know the subject better?

What was your favorite thing about the program?

This is a very difficult question because I enjoyed all but one of the classes.  I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to complete the work on my own schedule (as long as it was completed by the end of each week.)  I could do my work at any hour.  I thoroughly enjoyed my classmates and the interaction we had.  Some of us connected off line, met at a mutually agreeable location and got to know each other.  I found this interaction both helpful and fun!  The last item that I would consider one of my favorite things about the program was the teachers.  They were all fantastic and each knew their subject, teaching in a manner in which I was able to learn new ideas.  I had the good fortune to have Professor Dale Carlton for several courses and I think if I really had to choose, he would be one; but then, I also enjoyed Dr. Margot Weinstein and Professor Ginnie Gardiner, and all of them!   It is so hard to choose my favorite!

How has this program helped you professionally?

To begin with, all of the courses helped me with the start up of my own new brokerage.  I started back in July by starting an LLC, then proceeded to obtain the state business license, etc.  Working with the rules of the State Real Estate Commission, I then changed my license from Associate Broker with another Broker to becoming the Broker of Record for my own company, secured a permit for my office license and signed a lease and had it built out.  Next, I used the skills I learned from my classes to fine tune my business plan and have now begun recruiting agents.  I have planned my “Grand Opening” for April 3, 2015.   In the meantime, I have already obtained three listings on my own (two residential and one commercial), and the only agent I have brought on to date has brought in several commercial deals that will close within the next few days!  I am so anxious to get moving! Without the specific training on business plans and marketing (especially with social media), I don’t think my start would have been this positive.

Congratulations Mary Ellen Volpa of Dovoco Realty in Middletown, DE!

A graduation ceremony will take place on May 15 at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C.

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