Meet REALTOR® University’s Admissions Representative


A key component to the admissions process is your Admissions Representative. What does an Admissions Representative do? They talk with students who inquire about a school and conduct an interview to find out if the program is a good fit. Once a student applies to the University, the Admissions Representative assists them through the admissions process and helps them register for their first class.

Meet REALTOR® University’s Admissions Representative, Katie Reiss:

From:  SoKatiePicuth Elgin, IL

Educational background: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications & English from Lake Forest College and a Master’s of Project Management Degree from Keller Graduate School of Management

What motivates you?  I’m very self-motivated, but since becoming a mom, I am very much motivated by my children and wanting to be a good example for them.

Why did you get into working in higher education?  My mom was a teacher, and she ended up working at Lake Forest College to help pay for my brother and my tuition.  I worked in the admissions office and often reached out to potential students to share my experience at the college, gave tours of the school, and answered any questions they had.  I really enjoy talking to people and sharing their passion for education. I originally wanted to get into advertising after I graduated, but most ad agencies weren’t hiring so I ended up finding a job working for another school in their admissions office and found my way to REALTOR® University over 5 years ago.  I now have over 13 years of experience working in different roles in the admissions office.

What is a memorable piece of advice you’ve been given that you feel helped you succeed?  No one is going to do it for you.  If you want something, create a plan of how you want to achieve it and stick to it.  There will be bumps in the road, and you may need to adjust that plan to make it work better, but always keep that end goal in mind and don’t give up.

What tips and tricks would you like to share with potential students?  The keys to success are self-motivation and time management.  I ask every student before applying to school, “What is motivating you to want to further your education?”  You must remember your answer when times get tough and continue to motivate yourself and remember why you want to earn this degree.

The first 3 weeks of school are tough, especially if you haven’t been in school for a while.  This is where you need to develop your plan and time management skills to set yourself up for success.  Graduate school is hard.  It is not meant to be easy.  Once you develop a routine, it will make school much more manageable.

Hobbies: I have two young children at home that keep me very busy.  If I do get some spare time, I love to play volleyball, going to see musicals, watching movies, or going to concerts.

Favorite quote:  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela

To contact REALTOR®  University’s admissions representative, dial 855-786-6546, option 1.