The Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies

The Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies is published three times each year by the Rosenthal Center and presents Center-sponsored research as well as articles written by and for practitioners on topics and issues of importance to today’s real estate industry.

Recent issues of the Journal have included articles on: Generational Homeownership Trends, Residential Mobility, Forecasting Future Housing Demand, Time-on-the-Market as an Indicator of Market Conditions, Wind Farms and Housing Values, Quantitative Easing and Housing Markets, International Commercial Investment in the US, the Japanese Housing Market.

  • Volume 6, #1

    Published May 2018:

    • Single-Family Rental: Measuring Rent Growth and Return
    • Responding to a Challenge: the Millennial Generation and Homeownership
    • Past, Current, and Future Housing Challenges in the United States
    • Under the Radar: Real Estate Investment Beyond the Usual Suspects
    • The Market for Manufactured Homes
  • Volume 5, #1

    Published September 2017:

    • Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing
    • Supply-Side Headwinds for Home Building
    • Promoting Sustainable Homeownership in California
    • The Impact of Green Building Certificates on Real Estate
    • Core Standards: An Examination of the Effectiveness of the National Association of REALTORS® Policy
    • Federal Reserve Failures
  • Volume 4, #1

    Published October 2016:

    • Estimating the Transaction Volume of Single-Family Housing Under Changing Economic Conditions Using a Varying Parameter Model
    • A Dynamic Housing Affordability Index
    • Vacation Homes and Vacation Homeowners
    • Student Loan Debt: One More Hurdle for First-Time Home Buyers
    • Stats & Graphs Data Corner
  • Volume 3, #2

    Published: October 2015

    • Housing Costs and Commuting Distance
    • The Impact of Water Quality on Housing Prices
    • Top Marketing Activities of Successful Real Estate Agents
    • Next-Generation Real Estate, Intelligent Infrastructure, and the Global Platform for Commerce
  • Volume 3, #1

    Published: April 2015

    • The Impact of High-Powered Storms on the Selling Price and Liquidity of Coastal Residential Real Estate
    • The Impact of Commercial Development on Surrounding Residential Property Values
    • Sizing Up California’s Housing Market Going Forward
    • REALTOR Organization Response to Acts of Nature: A Commitment to Community
  • Volume 2, #2

    Published: September 2014

    • Generational Perspectives on Residential Mobility: Implication for Housing Demand
    • Education and Success in Real Estate: The Relationship between Education Levels and Success Among Top Producing Real Estate Professionals in the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service
    • Multigenerational Housing: A Multifaceted Issue
    • From the Archives: The Commercial Real Estate Practitioner 1993-2014: A Story of Resilience
  • Volume 2, #1

    Published: April 2014

    • Housing in the Recovery: Rising House Prices and the Easing of Quantitative Easing
    • The Characteristics and the Future of the Japanese Housing Market in Comparison with U.S. Housing Market
    • Commercial Real Estate Market: Sales to International Buyers
    • From the Archives: The Economic Recovery of the 1940s Through a REALTOR Lens
  • Volume 1, #2

    Published: September 2013

    • Education and REALTORS Success?
    • Time-on-the-Market as an Indicator of Residential Real Estate Market Conditions
    • Earth, Wind and LULUs – Wind Farms, Harvesting Energy, and Controversy
    • A Look Back at the Commercial Real Estate Landscape, Post 9/11
    • Looking at the Data: A California Housing Market Outlook
  • Volume 1, #1

    Published: March 2013

    • Generational Trends in Homeownerships An Era of Renters?
    • Forecasting the Demand for Housing in the United States
    • Residential Mobility and Housing Choice Among Echo Boomers and Baby Boomers
    • The Case for Farmland Investment
    • From the Archives: Uncovering the Origins of “Under All is the Land..”
    • Understanding the Marketplace: The Economic Census