Whether the Rosenthal Center is directly sponsoring a research program or partnering with outside organizations, the funding process is the same:

  1. Our Research Policy & Advisory Committee determines a list of issues and topics for which research is deemed useful to the real estate industry.
  2. The Center issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs) through a number of channels, soliciting research proposals from the academic and professional communities.
  3. Proposals are reviewed and selected for their theoretical and methodological appropriateness to the research area(s)
  4. Researchers are selected and an agreement is prepared between the Center and the researchers.
  5. Funding is specified in the Research Agreement, which also outlines expected progress reports and completion dates.

While the Center will entertain off-line proposals (those received outside of the RFP process) and our Research Policy & Advisory Committee will review, any additionally funded programs or projects will be on a funds-available basis.