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The Richard J. Rosenthal Center for Real Estate Studies funds a number of research projects every year on a variety of issues and topics. Many of the studies we sponsor are published in our own Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies, Volume 2 of which is due in March. In addition, a number of Center-sponsored research projects are published in highly ranked scholarly journals.

The nature of our research is often of special topical importance to the broader industry, to real estate practitioners and even the general public. Last year, one of our sponsored research projects on, Conservation Development, was not only presented to the American Real Estate Society and published in the Journalof Sustainable Real Estate, but was also reported on by the Wall Street Journal. More recently, a Center-sponsored research project, “The 2005-11 Housing Boom and Bust: Impacts on Housing Turnover and implications for the Recovery” (Ptric Hendershott, JinMan Lee, and James Shilling) was reported on in several major newspapers. See the March 16 Chicago Tribune, for instance, and the March 16 New York Times.

The authors of that research have written a special article on their findings for publication in the upcoming latest edition of the Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies (“Housing in the Recovery: Rising House Prices and the Easing of Quantitative Easing”), as well. Look for that and many other important research articles in the Journal.

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