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NAR Research, in conjunction with REALTOR® University, is pleased to present another year of The REALTOR® University Speaker Series. The Speaker Series is a luncheon lecture series that is open to students, members, and the public.  Each month, an expert on housing or the economy is invited to speak at the REALTOR® building in Washington, DC.  For those that aren’t in DC, the series is also available on video.

The series covers a wide array of topics that practitioners and others who follow the housing industry will find informative. Topics in the series run the gamut from the specific, such as traffic congestion and walkable communities, to the more wide-ranging, such as economic issues in the housing market.

Each lecture lasts between fifteen to thirty-five minutes and is delivered to a live audience one to two times a month.   We encourage you to continue your education on topics related to the housing industry by taking advantage of this resource. While the topics are varied, they have a big impact on the real estate industry at-large and how REALTORS® run their businesses.

The next speaker in the Lunch Series is tomorrow, Thursday, January 8th and features Christopher Leinberger, Chair, Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis, George Washington University School of Business.

In the meantime, learn something new today and watch the video presentations from recent, prominent presenters in the series.

  • Cities & Suburbs: Now and in the Future by Dr. Anthony Downs
    Implications for REALTORS®: Congested roads waste commuters’ time, cost them money, and degrade the environment. Dr. Downs focuses on three major issues—why congestion occurs, where future population growth is likely to develop, and whether walkable communities will dominate future housing choices.
    Watch the video.
  • Economic Issues in the Housing Market by Dr. Nayantara Hensel
    Implications for REALTORS®:
    The press is filled with a variety of price index measures related to housing. However, all of the indexes tend to vary together.   Some of the areas of the country that appeared to have some of the worst housing markets during the Great Recession appear to have had good recovery. Put differently, avoiding excess in the housing markets is good; recovery from previous excesses has in many cases already occurred.
    Watch the Video.
  • Demographics: Driving Housing Demand by Rolf Pendall
    Implications for REALTORS®:
    The typical first-time buyer client will be different—increasingly non-white and possibly with different preferences from current clients. Some Baby–Boomers will be looking for different types of housing. Finally, there may be an increased demand for remodeling services as homeowners are forced to stay in their homes, being unable to sell them in some areas of the country.
    Watch the Video.
  • Homeownership and the Values of Individual Liberty by John Allison
    Implications for REALTORS®:
    In the monthly REALTORS® Confidence Index survey ( many respondents have noted the difficulties that their clients face in obtaining mortgage financing: if a mortgage is needed (as is the case in the overwhelming majority of transactions), then the transaction can’t close without it. In many cases financial institutions have been reluctant or unable to make a mortgage—not because the client is a poor credit risk but because the financial institution is still recovering from the financial debacles of the Great Recession and continues to be risk averse.
    Watch the Video.
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