Who, What, Where: The RU Capstone Project & 2018’s Winner


2018 capstone winnerWith the start of REALTOR® University’s next session on the horizon, it’s a great time to learn about a crucial component of earning a Master of Real Estate (MRE) degree: the capstone thesis. The word “capstone” means crowning achievement, and there’s really no better way to put it! This project is the ultimate opportunity for students to showcase all the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout the program. It also gives students the chance to make a beneficial contribution to their specific concentration and real estate field.

The sole focus of RE600 (the final course requirement) is the capstone project. This project includes conducting original research, defining a real industry problem, and determining the requirements for its solution. REALTOR® University is home to the largest online real estate library in the world, so students have access to all the primary and secondary sources they could possibly want while researching.

Not only does the capstone serve as a graduation requirement, but it also gives students a chance to produce high-quality research that could directly improve the real estate industry. How? Well, each year, one student’s master’s thesis is chosen for publication in the Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies — an RU publication that has the capacity to reach NAR’s membership, totaling over one million members around the globe. What better way for students to kick off their newly MRE-equipped life?

This year’s 2018 capstone project winner is Jennifer Manchester, MRE. Her thesis, titled “Greening Commercial Properties; The Challenge and Benefit,” is focused on sustainable property management. Manchester’s research provides valuable insight into the economic, social, and environmental profitability of revitalizing properties through eco-friendly practices. Her project delves into the two opposing sides of commercial green reform and includes a proposal for owners of commercial property to start the process towards sustainability. Keep an eye out for the full report in the next volume of the RU Journal.

To learn more about the capstone project and other opportunities that are part of the MRE degree program, check out the Academics tab on REALTOR® University’s website. Happy learning!