Thank You to REALTOR® University Scholarship Donors


Melvin Leon Guerrero

Scholarship Donor: Hawaii Association of REALTORS® / Michigan Association of REALTORS®

Scholarship Recipient: Melvin Leon Guerrero

Class of 2016

Office: Locations

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

A big thank you to the Hawaii Association of REALTORS® and the Michigan Association of REALTORS® from Melvin Leon Guerrero:

“Thank you so much for your donation to this program. I am so grateful to be awarded the scholarship. I did not take it for granted. I indulged myself in the classes and I am encouraged that this degree will help the industry I am so passionate about. The program has made me into a true professional. I want to help my clients more than ever now. I want to help my community, association, board, and the industry more than ever now.”